About Me

I have worked in a host of departments - Most importantly, I work with Video Games, Websites, Servers and Graphic Design. I also happen to be the head of Voga Software and a "student" - whatever that means - at some ungodly establishment known as West Lake Middle School. I am also a proud HypeSquadder for Discord.
Over the years I have completed multiple projects, and am working on many others. A simple portfolio is available below.

Half Life 2: Classic

In the true spirit of "Why The Hell Not" a team of developers are in the process of de-making VALVe's classic title Half Life 2 in the Half-Life engine, GoldSRC - an eninge based on iD Software's Quake Engine.
The core reasoning behind this is to prove that if VALVe Time did not exist we would have gotten Half Life 2. But the Source Engine would have never been engineered and the game would sill rely on the GoldSRC Engine.


VALVe's Portal 2 had one major new DLC added to it after release - the Perpetual Testing Initiative or PeTI. With the PeTI DLC came the Community Map Editor. This enabled Steam's Workshop Functionality to the game. While a fantastic introduction, it was very limited in comparison to Portal 2's full functionality. To combat this, TeamSpen210 and BenVlodgi have brought the mod for the game Bee2.4 into the scene. This mod allows for manual editing of the items available in PeTI. I am producing - and have produced - videos that are instructional for this mod and it's use. As new objects are added to the mod, I produce a spotlight for that item.

I ♥ new friends

Video Production

My primary specialties  are Graphic Design, Security Analysis, Social Media Management and Video Production/Voice Acting. On occasion, I produce a video for myself. A rant, an informative video or simply a meme.

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