This is the corner of the internet where I showcase my wares.


PUNT In-Development

PUNT is a first-person physics-based puzzle game built on Valve's Source Engine. It serves as the first release of LunchHouse Software and is expected to release in early 2020. Check us out here.

SiteJacker  Open Source

SiteJacker is a utility that allows you to (sometimes) get the source code of a website in HTML form. It relies on a Win32 WGET port and some clever batch file trickery as a UI. Check it out here.

LunchHouse Sofware, LLC

A group I co-founded with Tristan Halcomb, a software development and game publishing firm working on titles like Avast: Scourge of the Sea, Blue Portals Redux and PUNT. Check us out here.

BumRAD Released

BumRAD is a modified version of Valve's light compilers for Portal 2 that adds new features and performance fixes. These features include ambient occlusion baking and light softening. Check it out here.

Absynthe Open Source

Project Absynthe is a labor of love for the Source SDK Base 2013. It aims to provide developers with a fast, straightforward way to start developing on the engine I have an irrational attachment for. Check it out here.

And much more...

Unfortunately, I have to keep some of my work discressionary due to its sensitive nature. However, over time these things will be announced and become public. Follow me on Twitter to keep track of my work.