Hello. I'm Graham.

This is a place on the internet where I keep projects. Feel free to look around, there isn't much here.

My Projects

A very fast overview to all the things I'm working on or have completed. Mostly little side-projects.

A pack of signifigant changes to Valve's Source Engine that aims to bring Source Engine up-to-par with modern game standards with new lighting systems and modern postprocessing effects.

Boreal Alyph is a fan-created, Valve-endorsed continuation of the beloved Half-Life franchise via the Epistle 3 story from Marc Laidlaw.

PUNT is a Portal-insipred puzzle game built on Valve's Source Engine. PUNT: Revival is a continuation of the lineage of the original canceled title.

A simple utility to bypass the blocks on command line for computing systems that block direct use of CMD.exe via Windows Policy.

The HTML error message pages, created to explain the HTML error and give the user a light giggle while likely dealing with a neverending hell of 404s

SiteJACKER is a tool that uses technology found in WGET in order to create an offline copy of a website. It is currently only available for Windows.